Our History

CIIRSA was founded in 1985 under the name St. Barnabas Refugee Society. The name was changed to Canadian International Immigrant & Refugee Support Association (CIIRSA) in 1992. At that time, a new board of directors was elected to represent CIIRSA’s goals. Since the name change in 1992, CIIRSA has been actively settling refugees.

We are a non-profit governed by a board of directors. Our many volunteers bring the required skills knowledge to ensure that we are able to help all refugees. Since 1992, our organization has not had sponsorship breakdown or any of our sponsored refugees collecting social services.

CIIRSA Believes...

Goals & Objectives

  • Unity between Edmonton, Calgary, Lloydminster, Fort McMurray & Kitchener members
  • Assist newcomers to adapt and intergrade into the mainstream of the Canadian way.
  • Provide support to the women and children of CIIRSA
  • Find the needs of the community and work towards fulfilling them
  • Review resumes and provide consolation
  • Explore training opportunities to help women find better jobs
  • Encourage English classes to a min. of LINC 5
  • Assist with employment searches
  • Provide orientation to newcomers
  • Encourage women to explore education and employment in their chosen field
  • Basic safety courses before entering the workforce.
  • Computer classes
  • Establish a fundraising committee to fulfill the financial needs of the group