Direct Services

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to help those people obtain what they need.

  • CIIRSA Women and Children Association supports the needs of women and children in our community.
  • CIIRSA provides Basic and Level II Computer Classes
  • Provide resettlement services to refugees and other immigrants.
  • Provide referrals to community resources and other support with compassion and efficiency.
  • Participate in group or private dialogue with various government departments/agencies concerned with immigration, resettlement or the general welfare of refugees & immigrants.
  • Provide assistance including advocacy to all newcomers to Canada who may be in need of such assistance.
  • Providing emergency support (food, clothing, etc.)
  • Interact with sister agencies to provide a complete spectrum of services for newcomer’s needs and members.
  • Provide assistance to ethnic non-political associations at their request in order to enable them to better serve their own communities.
  • Provide sponsorship for refugees on an on-going basis, subject to acceptable resettlement arrangements.
  • Respond to unforeseen displacements of people that may require assistance including that of sponsorship.


    • Counselling
    • Family violence support services
    • Clothing, furniture, and household goods
    • Emergency and long-term shelter
    • Social Assistance – applications and appeals
    • Transportation
    • Budget Counselling
    • Employment Counselling
    • Housing/Shelter
    • Preparation for employment including:
    • English as a second language courses
    • Courses to obtain Canadian equivalent certification for foreign training/diplomas or degrees
    • Job safety courses including WHIMIS training, first aid, and CPR, etc
    • Contact Potential Employers